Protest Program Against Earthquake Victim Child being sold in UK.

About us

What is INS UK ? 

INS UK is a charitable organisation established in 19th May 2016 to promote peace and harmony among Nepalese community living in UK by helping each other in need, perform charitable and humanitarian activities.

What do we do ?

INS UK is a charitable organisation and aims to perform the following activities :

– Promoting Nepalese art, languages and culture via various charitable programs – Helping Nepalese in need.

– Helping in natural calamities and in the time of humanitarian crisis.

– Promoting Nepalese tourism, products And trades for economic prosperity.

– Working as a friendly bridge among two country by promoting peace and harmony.

– Raising voice for human rights, against discrimination and injustice etc.

Where we work ?

We work among Nepalese community in Nepal and  Nepalese community residing in UK.

Some FAQs about INS UK.

  1. Who can join with us ?

Anyone who are  interested to help and support Nepal and Nepalese community. There is no age restrictions and discrimination although we do not accept any help and support form  those people and organisations who are involved in crime, terrorism, corruption and against any humanitarian activities.

2. How can you join us ?

You can join us INS UK by requesting an application form by writing us to or Download the form from this  link. Please pay £10 membership fee to nearest area coordinator of INS UK or drop us email for bank details.

3. How can you help us ?

As we are a charity organisation we value any kind of help and support from you.  Your donations, time, skills and volunteering are the key resources to success in our mission.

Please let us know about your skills and areas of interest for the contribution as well as the time you can give us.

4. How can you be connected with us ?

Please follow our social media link and write us to be in touch with us our social media link :

How can you contact to INS UK ?

To contact INS UK  team or to request for membership form  please write us in :



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